K’s Choice review, 7th August 2013

7 august

Sterling performances all round on 7th August at K’s Choice and a decent sized audience too (lovely to see Hannah Kewn, Thom Morecroft and Stuart Todd in the audience supporting other musicians).

First up Barry Lawton, Crewe’s own crooner (sorry for the alliteration, I couldn’t resist) wowed us with a set of his self-penned tunes, many of which might be described as “ballads with attitude”, including “Grow Together”, which features on the K’s Choice City of Music compilation album. His finale was “Margaret Hilda Thatcher, I hope you rot in hell” which seemed to go down very well with the K’s Choice faithful!

Changing style and pace somewhat, was the vivacious, sparkling and very entertaining SheBeat, wearing her hat and a pair of very high shoes. Her songs have a lightness of touch to them, almost an element of frivolity sometimes, but her lyrics tell personal and heartfelt tales. It’s a lovely combination that draws you in. In amongst her set was her contribution to the K’s Choice compilation album “Supermoon Lover” and the wonderfully quirky “Freaky Crazy”.



A complete change of style now as Rae Clark took centre stage. Rae’s guitar technique is inventive and intricate, and his songs are gentle and lyrical, soaking slowly into your soul and making you wish you could lie back in a sun kissed garden (you get the picture) and listen all day long, and on into the warmth of a perfect summer evening…. Nice!

Rae Clark

Rae Clark

After Rae, our special guest was the very young and talented singer-songwriter Freya Wright. Freya told me she was nervous, although she had no need to be as she’d brought a lovely appreciative crowd with her, and she was after all among friends. It is magical to see and hear someone exude such effortless talent, yet at the same time to be so self-effacing – a genuinely nice person. Watch out for this young lady!

Freya Wright

Freya Wright

Where could we go from here? Well, we had arranged Irish band “Cobblestone” as the night’s finale, though three of the four had had to go back to Ireland for a few days. We weren’t short-changed though – K’s Choice was treated to one quarter of Cobblestone in the shape of David Keenan. David produced a wonderful performance for us all, his guitar work is inventive without being over-complicated and his voice just soars.

So, yet another belter at K’s Choice – how do we keep on doing it I hear you ask….. Chocolate, that’s how!

See you next week peeps xx

Musician Thom Morecroft enjoys the show

Musician Thom Morecroft enjoys the show

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