An interview with Kate Hazeldine


We caught Kate in holiday shopping mood!

We were lucky enough to catch Kate in holiday mood for our interview and photo shoot – she’d just been shopping in Liverpool for a few bits and pieces for her Spanish holiday next week, the lucky thing!  Unfortunately she will be away for the K’s Choice album launch party on 21st though, which is a shame.

Originally from the Northwich area, Kate has only been in Liverpool for a year or so.  She has just completed the first year of a degree programme at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, patron of which is Beatles legend Paul McCartney.  “I haven’t met Paul yet,” says Kate, “but apparently he comes along on graduation day, so I hope to shake his hand in a couple of years time!”

Kate’s year in Liverpool has been a busy one, both in her day job as a student and in the evenings as a performer.  She has played solo sets in a number of well known Liverpool venues, including Camp & Furnace, Elevator, Mello Mello, Parr Street Studio 2, and of course K’s Choice!  Kate insists that she has no favourite venue, “They all have their own special vibe”, she enthuses, “though it was really something extra special to make it as a finalist earlier this year in ‘Out on Stage’, a competition for unsigned musicians at Camp & Furnace.”  That was Kate’s proudest moment so far as a musician, though there will undoubtedly be other proud moments for this very talented young lady.

So what else should we know about Kate?

Q.   Tell us something random about yourself….

A.    I’m one quarter Italian, but I don’t speak the lingo!

Q.    What age did you start playing and singing? When did you start performing as a singer-songwriter?

A.    I’ve played piano since I was about 6 and I’ve always enjoyed singing.  I’ve been writing songs for as long as I can remember.  I just started performing seriously about 2 years ago now.

Q.   What do you think about Liverpool?  Do you like the city?

A.    I absolutely love it!  There are so many opportunities for musicians, I feel Liverpool is really coming into its own these days.

Q.   Tell us about your song on the K’s Choice album, what’s it about? Where did the inspiration come from?

A.    The song, “Lifeline” is very personal to me; it’s based on experiences with my family, and it’s a very important song to me.  The lyrics came to me first, then I started to fit them with a piano riff.  It stayed unfinished for quite a few months, then when I returned to the song it all came together.

Q.   How does your song writing process normally work? Typically how long does it take you to write a song?

A.    Usually when I’m in an inspirational mood, I can finish a song in a day or two, but sometimes it can take months.  It feels like I have writers’ block sometimes, so when that happens I just have to put the song aside and forget about it for a while until inspiration returns.

Q.    Do you ever work with other musicians when recording or performing?

A.    I’ve just recently got together with a 4 piece band, who are providing me with a back line.  I’m going to carry on working as a solo artist and will continue to write and play my own music, so I’m really lucky to have a group of talented guys to back me.

Q.    What are your music influences?  Do you have a favourite musical era? Do you have a role model?

A.    I have varied tastes spanning decades, so no favourite era really.  I’m a big fan of Florence & the Machines and Kate Bush though and I think they both influence my music.  If I have a role model it would be Kate Bush – she’s so unique and creative.

Q.    What makes you listen to a song? Lyrics or melody?

A.    I listen a lot to lyrics, it’s my favourite bit of song-writing so I like to see how other people do it and the techniques they use.

Q.    How do you feel about performing or releasing your own songs?  Do you ever feel shy or uneasy about revealing yourself to the world?

A.    At first I used to be scared about revealing some very personal things about myself.  But the more I perform my songs, the more I realise that people don’t always home in on what the artist is saying about themselves; if people like your music they usually hear what they want to hear and take their own meaning.  Although my songs will always be very personal to me, I’m happy for people to enjoy them however they want to.

Q.    What do you think about self published music?  Is it likely to be the future?

A.    I’d say so – without self publishing I probably wouldn’t have been able to get my message out to so many people.

Q.    Would you like to be a signed musician and perhaps compromise your musical principles a little, or would you rather stay an untainted amateur?

A.    That’s a tough one! I want to remain free and play music that I like, but it would be difficult to turn down a deal.  Until I’m in that situation I don’t know really.  Ask me again when I’m signed!


Kate Hazeldine’s haunting piano ballad “Lifeline” features as track 3 on CD 2 in the City of Music 2013 compilation.

Find out more about Kate and links to her other work at

Find out more about the album and purchase a copy here

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